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News - Tyninghame Village Hall - £5,000 donation...

Tyninghame Village Hall - £5,000 donation

Tyninghame Village Hall is a lovely little hall set in the quaint village of Tyninghame. It was originally a bake house in the 1800s, before being converted into the village hall in 1842 and now brings together people from far and wide, not just those living locally.

The hall, now being run as a registered charity, holds events every day from exercise classes & musical events to weddings. With the hall being used so frequently it has become apparent that it needs to be upgraded. The heating system and lighting were at the top of the list and that’s where Aikengall community wind farms’ operator, Community Windpower came in.

Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar have a passion for being involved in helping communities make village halls more energy efficient in various ways.

The £5,000 grant awarded to the hall’s committee will go towards the upgrade of the existing lighting. The current lighting is not practical or cost effective so by switching to LED lighting this will not only bring down electricity bills it will also have a huge impact on the space, making it more welcoming and enjoyable to use.

A spokesperson for the village hall said, “As a registered charity, the main role of the Tyninghame Village Hall is to stimulate community development through greater use of the hall.

“However, a significant barrier to this is the current physical condition of the facilities within the historic and conservation grade building.

“The main barriers are heating, insulation, lighting and lack of proper toilet and kitchen facilities.

This grant from Community Windpower & BeGreen Dunbar will be a fantastic support in the upgrade of the lighting system, so to this we say a big thank you to everyone involved.


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